Referential image. The German Interior Ministry has advised its citizens to stockpile food in case of a possible blackout. Photo: Fripik

Ministry of Home Affairs Germany Has issued a list Recommendations Before the citizens Possible Black out. This Thursday, June 2, 2022 we tell you what they are.

On Wednesday, June 1, the company Gazprom completely cut off gas supplies to Europe from Shale Energy, which distributes them to Germany.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has prepared a report containing a set of advice and measures to stock up on emergencies.

It recommends that households have 2,200 kilocalories of drinking water and 2,200 kilocalories per person per day, as well as stocks of indigestible foods such as rice, pasta, sugar and preservatives.

Gazprom Court

Seehofer placed the order 30 days ago, but it has been steaming in recent days since the Russian gas giant Gazprom on Wednesday. Cut off The Gas supply Denmark and Germany suppliers for refusing to pay Fuel in rublesMentioned.

From 1 April, Russia requires all foreign customers from countries considered “unfriendly” by sanctions imposed as a result of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, that is, all members of the European Union (EU), among others, to pay for Gazprom. Gas in rubles, which some companies have rejected.

Gazprom has already cut gas The Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria Y. Finland For the same reason.

The project, created by Russian President Vladimir Putin to avoid Western sanctions, requires “non-friendly” countries to open two special accounts at Gazprom Bank.

In one they must enter money for Russian gas in euros or dollars, which is then converted into rubles on the Moscow Stock Exchange and transferred to a second account in the Russian national currency.

Spain has abolished similar measures

The Minister of Finance and Public Administration SpainMaria Jesus Montero canceled this Thursday that the government is now considering recommending citizens Provision Food like a Germany did in anticipation of a Russian supply blackout.

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