George Glass was given a habeas corpus, he was allowed out of prison. Photo: File / EL Commerce

The German Embassy in Ecuador This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the request for virtual access to the appeal hearing in the Provincial Court of Justice in Santa Elena Habeas corpus Former Vice President George Glass.

The European country’s embassy confirmed the matter in an official letter sent to the court Glass dual nationality. “The German embassy has been allowed to make the request Virtual access Citizens of Ecuador – German George David Glass in the Multipurpose Room for the hearing of Espinel’s habeas corpus Appeal No. 24202202200017T Process Provincial Court of Justice in Santa Elena“, He points out.

The request is based on Article 12 of the Judicial Guarantees and Constitutional Control Act, which states: “They may interfere in the proceedings in any case. Status of the caseAs an intervening party to the defendant, any natural or legal person who has a direct interest in the law or the omission of a constitutional action.

This is a consular support service that allows German Embassy Citizens who have this nationality according to the documents.

After 6pm on Tuesday, the embassy released a statement on its Twitter account stating that “Mr George Glass also has German nationality.”

“Within the framework of consular assistance that we provide to anyone German citizen The possibility of observing the judicial process is included. This observation of the process is enshrined in the Vienna Convention on Consular Affairs and is a regular part of it, “the statement read.

Glass confirmed that he was of German descent

On June 7, 2017, in an interview with a radio station in Guayaquil, Glass announced that he was Of German descent. After the journalist asked him if he has a passport of the country.

The former vice president said: “Yes, I have German passport. For many years. I am of German descent. I am a German. My grandfather escaped from Nazism and came to Ecuador. ”

The habeas corpus appeal hearing will be held on May 18, 2022 in the multi-qualified courtroom.

The restoration of the independence of former Vice President Jorge Glass caused a stir in the country’s political scene. Talks about PSC and Pachakutik deal:

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