The court in Santa Elena must decide whether to maintain the habeas corpus given to George Glass. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL Commerceo

The Judge Provincial Silvana Casedo (Speaker), Claver Franco Y. John Camacho They set up a habeas corpus appeal hearing given to the former vice president George Glass. Perseverance began at the Santa Elena Provincial Court this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 9:30 p.m.

The incident took place on April 9 this year. That day, Glass benefited from a habeas corpus to get out of prison CotopaxiWhere he has met Sentence For work Corruption.

The Defending The former vice president argues that his clients suffer Disease Physical (hypertension, gastritis, ankylosing spondylitis) and Mental disorder, Which has not been properly treated. That’s why he Judge of Manglaralto, Javier MoscosoGrants him that constitutional provision and orders him immediately Freedom.

National Comprehensive Care Service for Disabled Persons (SNAI) And the Office of the State Attorney General in Moscow has appealed against that decision.

What can be the perseverance?

Experts Constitutionalist Y. Magistrate Provincial authorities of other judicial bodies maintain that George Glass’s habeas corpus appeal hearing opens up three possibilities Scenario Of resolution

A.- Withdraw habeas corpus: In this case, the glass must Return Per Cotopaxi gel To meet them Sentence. Two former ministers of Raphael Correa The final suffix (Three judicial precedents have approved the sentence). The first is six years for illicit associations for corruption Odebrecht. The second was sentenced to eight years in prison for bribery Bribery case. Instead, a third convict is still appealing. Sentenced to eight years Guess It is Singu case.

Two.- Approve habeas corpus: This means that Keep The Measurement Imposed by him Judge Xavier Moscow. Thus, George Glass would end his sentence in freedom. That, I have to go back Jail, But only obey the orders of the Manglaralto Magistrate. He arranged for a presentation before the President Provincial Court of Justice in Guass The first Monday of every month and also Prohibition on leaving the country.

3.- Partially withdraw habeas corpus: The Santa Elena court may revoke the release order and order the transfer of the glass to another Prison center, To protect his life and integrity. You can order the former vice president to return Cotopaxi gel And take that there Regular medical services. Or you can order Temporary transfer Still The hospital Or still Mental Rehabilitation Center.

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