George Glass Espinel and his brothers Herberto Y. Sylvia Was sued Guayaquil. The case was filed by Dr. Attorney Of a family Little boyWhich resulted in birth Violation The father of former Vice President George Glass has convicted a minor.

The court found him guilty of this crime Violation Glass Vizo in September 2014 and forced him to pay a fee Pension From Food. The convicted person complied with the deposit until November 2021, four months before his death. Death.

Glass’s father A. in anger 12 year old girl, student Of School Where he served as director.

Children’s rights

Before that Violation In its payment MaintenanceThat exceeds USD 2,000 and the death of the convicted person, something the family asks. “Subsidies are mandatoryTo take responsibility Bill Of Little boy.

The Lawyer Juan Vizueta Because run. According to the lawsuit, the family was in arrears Indebted For Food Child and cover Bill From Teaching Y. Pension. They claim they have no money Uniform And School supplies.

According to the second number of paragraph 5 Biological code of childhood and adolescenceThe appropriate authority shall order that the maintenance provision be provided or completed by one or more “subsidiary mandatory”, according to them. Economic power And unless they have a disability. The law states that the persons in charge in this order, ‚Äúthose Grandparents/ ace; The Brother/ Since they have reached 21 years.

Legal status

The lawsuit against the Glass Espinel brothers comes at a time when a The court From St. Helen Study Appeal From Habeas corpusThe ruling allowed the former vice president to resign Jail From Cotopaxi Last April 10th.

There are two about George Glass Espinel Sentence Strong, for Case Familiar Bribery Y. Odebrecht. A third JudgmentFor him Singu caseAn appeal is pending.

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