Former Vice President Dr. from 2017 to 2020 George Glass Four times resort Habitat corpus writ Getting out of prison or being transferred to prison 4 in Quito. All those requests were denied.

However, on April 9, 2022 Judge Xavier Moscow, The Multilateral Judicial Unit of the Santa Elena Mangalaralto Parish granted him this legal remedy and ordered his immediate release. Release.

For that reason, on April 10, 2022, the glass was gone Latakunga Jail And Guayaquil Travel. You have arrangements now Guayas appears in court on the first Monday of each month And there is Prohibition to leave the country, When their sentence ends.

He was convicted of three counts: Illegal intercourse In the case of Odebrecht, Bribery In bribery cases and Guess Singue case. The latter is appealing.

What is a habeas corpus?

Habeas Corpus Action is typed in Article 89 of Ecuador’s constitution. The goal of this resource is to restore the freedom of those who are “deprived of this”. Invalid, arbitrary or invalid “And though “Protect the lives and physical integrity of prisoners.”

The five orders of glass and their differences

In 2017, George Glass’s defense assured that he had been arrested George Glass Odebrecht’s case was “arbitrary, unconstitutional and illegal.” He therefore filed a habeas corpus and asked the National Court judges to order his release. However, that The request was denied October 15 of that year.

Then, on October 25, 2018, a criminal guarantee judge in Latakunga made a rejection. The second order Of glass

At the ceremony, the former vice president’s lawyers indicated that their client was a Chronic gastritis and high blood pressure. The purpose of the legal assets was to transfer glass From Cotopaxi Prison to Quito Prison 4.

However, the judge declined the request because, assuring him that the former officer was not a victim of torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, he underwent a medical check-up and No “violation of the constitutional right to life or physical integrity” has been proven.

Glass’s defense re-emphasized the prison change in November 2018. On that occasion, he mentioned that there was a fault in the water supply at Kotopaksi prison and that there was no proper garbage collection system.

Still, The Cotopaxi Criminal Chamber rejected the request of Habeas Corpus on December 6, 2018. Magistrates ordered that the Latakunga municipality, in coordination with the prison management, ensure the provision of drinking water. They also make arrangements for daily waste collection.

Fourth request for habeas corpus He refused On June 19, 2020. The risk Infection with Kovid-19 And “a serious health condition” was the argument he presented to the judge for his independence.

At a hearing, the magistrate directed that a technical team be formed to assess the sanitary condition of the glass. After learning the results of that survey, the judge ruled that the life of the convict was in danger.

In most orders, Glass argued his health and physical well-being problems, However, the last request, which was granted, also included this Psychological effects.

For example, Glass’s lawyer presented the following arguments to Judge Moscow:

  1. Hallucinations. Doctors who assessed him said the former vice president heard blood on the wall, insects and noises at night.
  1. High risk of suicide. According to Glass’s account, on December 31, 2021, he tried to take his own life. “I was in an unfortunate state of mind and depression, the marks I made on my arm on December 31 (because) I don’t want to live anymore,” he said.
  1. Risk to jail. According to the former official, they threatened to kill her 70 times and demanded 200 200,000 from her to avoid attacking her family and her sexual integrity.

Other resources used

Within 1,645 days of Glass’s detention, he resorted to various legal remedies to get out of prison. For example, he has benefited Expiration of preventive detention, Made Appeal of arrest warrant, Requested Pre-release And ask for Consolidation of punishment. Most have refused.

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