This Sunday, April 10, 2022 morning, a group of followers and friends of the former Vice President George Glass Espinel They are waiting with slogans and signs for their departure from the Regional Rehabilitation Center Cotopaxi. Glass was supposed to regain his freedom on Saturday night, April 9, 2022, but that was not done.

This should have happened after the judge of the Multicompetitive Judicial Unit of the Mangalaralto Parish in Santa Elena Canton, Javier MoscowGrant him one Habeas corpus.

The weight of the glass espinel is two secondsFirm verdict In the case of illicit intercourse and bribery. In addition, there is a pending process due to an appeal.

The entrance to the repentance center was fenced off Metal fence To avoid possible excesses, however, police control of the site is permanent. Several have been released Slogan for Glass Espinel And slogans with drums and loudspeakers.

Police patrol cars with members and a military patrol The road to Sakisili Where is the prison complex located?

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Defense Attorneys, Edison LoizaHe said he could not be released on Saturday night due to lack of funds Fingerprint test. He announced that the former second president would be released after 08:00 this Sunday, April 10. “We will have to wait until the various agencies come forward to perform the relevant processes,” he said by telephone.

Since the night of Saturday, April 9, supporters of Jorge Glass have been waiting for his departure. Photo: Modesto Moreta / EL Commerceo

Assemblymen also came to the spot Faust Jarin Karista Bench. He assured that after learning that Glass Espinel had a release ticket, they reached out to make it effective, although he acknowledged that the necessary procedures must be completed. “We’ll be on site and leave with our partners and friends.”

He points out that the government has been cautious and opposed to taking legal action Judge’s decision But it respects the freedom of function. “We believe this is a measure that is going to be effective.”

However, this information has been informed by the order of the Ministry of Communications Presidency And Ministry of GovernmentSNAI will appeal against the judge’s decision on Tuesday Habeas corpus To George Glass.

He noted that the action taken by the judge was necessary and that he should have been released a year earlier for complying with the prison guarantee. “George Glass Espinel is in a fairly unequal state of health. One of the justifications for his independence is the extra medication he has been taking for the past three years. We want him to go out immediately and be evaluated for treatment and find out what he needs. ”

Jarrin said the glass espinel has been one in the last year and a half Political hostage And he has been tortured since the day he was captured.

The MLA was also present there Anna Gomez He said that as a result of judicial action, the judiciary of the country has become independent from the traditional powers. “He was imprisoned because of a justice that responded to other interests and now justice has been done.”

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