Jorge Glass was in the area designated for the Aeropolisial of Guayaquil. The former vice president was transferred to Prison 4, north of Quito. Photo: Enrique Pesantes / EL COMERCIO

The Jail 4In Quito, its home, until further notice George Glass. After the arrival of the political figure the surroundings of the place were quiet, without signs of protest or support.

At the entrance there were only ordinary white tents, gray fences and a group of soldiers. Glass arrives in the first hour of Saturday, May 21, 2022 and is looking for a way to be free again. There it is, too Charles coupleFormer Minister of Hydrocarbons.

The International route One of them is thought out and the other, already announced by the lawyers of the former vice president of Ecuador: to take advantage Legal process Known as the Comprehensive Criminal Organic Code (COIP) 60/40. In short, serve the rest of the sentence outside the prison. He turned himself in to the trial on Friday, May 20. It was in the province Guas.

The search resumed after a Santa Elena court declared the habeas corpus void With which the glass recovers Freedom, Last 10 April. Everything taken by the judge, Diego Javier Moscoso Sedeno, of Manglaralto’s multi-competent judicial unit, has been invalidated “because of a lack of jurisdiction over the region in processing cases.” The court’s verdict has given details in this regard.

According to Marco Jurado, a human rights expert and director of the Incadi Foundation, the cancellation should have been considered. Systemic failure And to deceive the people with the administration of justice.

Criminal Lisette Purdo agrees that the habeas corpus was a failure, but at the same time, the process of returning to the glass prison points to a reality. Political aura.

In Because: The speed of the vacuum of the alternative measurement. One of the remaining paths is: Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

The views of the Santa Elena court are also official considerations Office of the Attorney General of the State“To investigate the behavior of all officers of the National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults Deprived of Freedom and the juvenile delinquent SNAI who intervened in this case.”

It was added that the file must be sent to the Latakunga Lottery Room so that a judge can hear and resolve the case. Had to go back to the glass Jail Locally located, however, it was indicated that he went for 4 Security reasons.

Mauricio Pacheco, a criminal lawyer and university professor, explained that Pre-release A prospect for the former vice president, which weighs on Two final verdicts: Bribery case and Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. There is another one for the Singu issue which is for appeal.

The Defending From Glass Already searched Consolidation of punishment To process this measurement. However, since there is no final judgment in the final process, the requests have not yielded results.

The The sum of the sentences Will be over 20 years old. For pre-release, a maximum of these cases will be taken as a reference. The previous one with crimes committed before 2014 COIPThe public had to apply 40% of the penalty and after that year, with the new regulations, 60%.

But, even when several possibilities are considered, constitutionalist Andre Benavidis explains that the doors of the habeas corpus have not been closed. The judge who has jurisdiction to hear the case will prove and decide.

It doesn’t stop there: there could be lawsuits Sensitive Of one Extraordinary defensive action Through the Constitutional Court. Of course, this does not preclude the effects of what Santa Elena authorities have done, and therefore, Glass must continue to be behind bars.

The Constitutional Court Can act ex officio, make selections, review cases, and determine whether direct decisions are appropriate. Benvides elaborated that political character could represent one Review appeal Scheduled for trial in criminal cases. It will take time and it is complicated, even more so, a process that is still under appeal

This way, German Embassy There are glasses that were reported last week Nationality That country and Ecuador. According to experts, committed Crime For which he was sentenced in Ecuador, this detail does not directly affect the process. Yes, the entity can be careful to follow the proper procedure.

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