George Glass He got out of Kotopaksi prison amid applause and shouts from his supporters. He went out wearing a dark blue suit and a white shirt. He had a round earring in his left ear. She was perfectly shaved.

He walked about 300 meters to greet and take pictures with his followers. He then got into a silver Toyota Forner car waiting for him on the avenue, from which he could see. Prison center.

Thus, former Vice President Glass regained his freedom after spending 1,645 days in prison. He did so on April 10, 2022, after being granted bail by Judge Javier Moscoso of the Judiciary Unit of the Manglarlato Parish in Santa Elena Canton. Habeas corpus.

About 200 people gathered External Of Punishment Pictures of the former president with tricolor flags and banners Rafael Correa And George Glass. Among them were Virgilio Hernandez, Fasto Jarin, Marcela Holguin, Pablo Munoz.

After the glass is gone, the coidearios a with it Caravan Who have traveled to different cities. At 3:00 pm he passed through Santo Domingo de los Sachilas, then he was in Cuivedo and was scheduled to arrive in Guayaquil at 7:00 pm.

11th on the main port and on the West Coliseum River, located in Huancavilka, a Events To celebrate the freedom of glass.


There was glass Two sentences. The first was six years in prison for the crime Illegal intercourseFor its corruption conspiracy Odebrecht. The other was sentenced to eight years in prison for bribery Bribery case. Those punishments have been carried out. They have gone through all the appeals.

Glass also faces up to eight years in prison Guess It is Singu caseBut it is not yet firm.

Executive position

The Minister of Government, Francisco Jimenez, described the giving of habeas corpus to Glass on the night of April 10 as embarrassing.

He said the government Denial The Decision Of Judge And that’s why he filed one Appeal. The minister said, “You do not bargain with corruption, you do not play with justice.

He said the government understood the issue Anger Produced in the country by Glas Release. “However, respect for democratic institutions must prevail. We are not going to do justice to those who have not done so before. “Thus, he indicated that they would end all available legal remedies.

By saying this, he indicated his intention not to get involved in the matter Ecuador It should not always be between “hate and progress. You have to choose Democracy And it needs to focus on making progress for all. “

He concluded by saying that “we are moving forward with determination and sincerity towards solving the fundamental problems of the Ecuadorians.”

Two final verdicts

December 2016

The U.S. Department of Justice has said that Brazilian construction company Odebrecht paid Ecuadorian officials 33 33.5 million in bribes. The Legislature and the Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation.

January – June 2017

Due to the effective cooperation of the construction company, a series of documents were distributed to the Ecuadorian judge involving several Charismo officials. Go to the Glass Assembly and the Prosecutor’s Office to testify voluntarily.

August 2, 2017

Glass issued a statement in which he questioned Lenin Moreno and reminded him that the majority of Ecuadorians had chosen the two to continue the legacy of “leader Rafael Correa delgado”. He said he would not resign.

August 3, 2017

A day after Glass issued a document assuring him that he would not resign from his post, Moreno issued a presidential decree leaving him without the functions required by law for a vice president.

December 13, 2017

Jorge Glass was tried for “unlawful association” offenses, considering his involvement in a corruption conspiracy by Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. The court handling the case sentenced him to six years in prison.

October 2018

Jorge Glass was transferred to Latakunga Prison, where he is still held. His defense tried a transfer or alternative arrangement because he was ill or in danger.

April 2020

Glass got another penalty. This time, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for declaring ‘aggravated passive bribery’ as a ‘mediating offender’ in a case known as bribery. Former President Rafael Correa has also been convicted in the case.

January 2021

Glass gets a third sentence, this time eight years in prison. The trial convicted him as co-author of the “outstanding” crime in the Singue case in the oil region. The sentence is not final as his accused has appealed.

May 2021

Glass tried to get out of prison through a security measure filed by his defense on the grounds that he had served two-fifths of his six-year sentence; However, this request was rejected by the court.

April 9, 2022

Habeas, a militant from Coreismo, submitted a request for corpus, which was accepted and favorably resolved. Mangalaralto Judge Santa Elena, who is hearing the case, released him. An hour later, he was released from prison.

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