On December 31, 2021, former Vice President Dr. George Glass He tried to take his own life inside the Latakunga prison. He confirmed this at a habeas corpus hearing last Friday, April 9th.

Within minutes of perseverance, which gained access to EL COMERCIO, Former Vice President’s intervention In front of Judge Xavier Moscow.

The document indicates Glass informed the court of the following: “I was in an unfortunate emotional and depressing state, the marks I made on my arm on December 31 (because) I don’t want to live anymore.”

In addition, he indicated his reason Multiple diseases require 14 psychiatric medications One day, among antipsychotics, antidepressants, axiolytics and others.

The The main argument A habeas corpus hearing on George Glass’s mental and physical health was held.

The former official defended himself to confirm the information Medical report Among the four experts. Among them, it was detailed that Glass was suffering from an incurable catastrophic disease.

Therefore, it was indicated that There is a high risk of suicide. He is also suffering from other ailments including hallucinations in his joints.

Representative of the Rehabilitation System after these allegations (SNAI), Alexis Vascons, has indicated that he has nothing to object.

The journey through Santo Domingo will continue through Guayaquil, via Baobao, Cuevado, where a concentration with supporters is planned. Https://bit.ly/35XQLwi

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