Geophysical Institute of National Polytechnic School (IG) Determined that Recorded earthquakes Related to the night of Thursday, May 5, 2022 Other teluric movements Feelings in Quito

The Report Explaining that the quake was recorded at 9:39 pm, located in Puembo parish, had a magnitude of 3.6 and was felt in Quito, Mezia and Pedro Moncayo cantons.

It is detailed that this earthquake was located Circle Transformation into system Quito’s fault And Guillabamba fault And it has to do with earthquakes April 16With 3.8 magnitude and earthquake November 23, 2021.

The report further indicated that an aftershock of magnitude 1.9 earthquake struck at 10:05 pm on Thursday.

Citizen Report

On social networks, people have reported that Earthquake The cause of a strong movement in the valley Kumbaya, Tumbako Y. Conocoto.

Platform users said they felt tremors in southern sectors such as Guazalo, Turubamba, San Bartolo and La Argelia.

Instead, in the north, Internet users wrote messages that the movement was small but long, such as at Alloy Alfaro Avenue, near Solkar, El Batan, Carcelain, and even in a parish Pomasky, northwest of the capital.

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Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Tuesday, November 23, 2021

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