Bell has contributed more than a million euros to hospitals in Wales and Spain. Photo: EFE

Gareth BellStill a footballer Real MadridThis received Wednesday, June 1, a Order Of King of Persia By The queen Of England For their financial contributions during the epidemic.

BellWhich was crowned last Saturday with its fifth European Cup With Real MadridContributed more than one million euros Hospitals in Wales And Spain In the first stage Covid worldwideIn addition to supporting other charitable activities in his country.

This recognition honors those who have made significant contributions United Kingdom And on the list of awards given this year, in addition Bell Former football player Ferdinand RiverLegend Man you And the English team, and James MilnerCurrently Liverpool.

BellBritain wins first Champions On five occasions, he said goodbye this Wednesday Real MadridA club where he has played since 2013, when he arrived Tottenham Hotspur In exchange for 100 million euros.

I came here 9 years ago as a young man who wanted to fulfill my dream of playing Real Madrid. Wear the glorious white kit, wear the shield on your chest, play Santiago BernabeuWin the title and be a part of what is famous and achievable, win Champions League“, He climbed.

“Now I can look back, reflect and honestly say that this dream has come true and much more,” he said. BellWho added: “Being part of the history of this club and what we have achieved together. Real Madrid It’s an incredible experience that I will never forget. “

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