Garderes reiterated his call for peace and dialogue. Photo: Capture

Mayor of Quito, Santiago Garderas This Thursday, June 23rd at 9:00 pm the citizens are called to a new ‘Caserlojo’.

“As mayor of Quito, I would like to congratulate and support all citizens who support peace, dialogue and democratic order (…) I acknowledge that there is Social needs That must be heard. But violence, vandalism cannot be part of the right to protest. The Dialogue It is the only democratic process to restore peace and achieve national unity, “Garderas said.

He reiterated that the staff of various entities in the municipality His work is doubled So that these services are not crippled in the capital, even at the “risk to the integrity and safety of the workers”.

And he has given a new call to the people to join a new ‘Caserlojo’ as a sign of support for peace in the city.

“I call everyone again Residents of Quito To go out today in the streets and windows of their homes with pots and flutes to demonstrate our democratic will and dialogue for peace (…), ”he condemned.

It is called by the second ‘casserolojo’ Mayor. The first was held yesterday, Wednesday and was badly received by the public.

Similarly, Garderas insisted on a proposal to activate the national government and Konai Humanitarian corridor.

“A’s creation Humanitarian corridor The aim is to enable people to access public services and supply points without compromising their security, ”he said.

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