46% of Ecuador Exports Went out for her Port of Guayaquil In 2021. The main export products were: banana (69%), shrimp (6%), wood (5%), cocoa (2%) and fish (2%), he said. Contecon Guayaquil SA (CGSA)Simon Bolivar Port Discount, March 28, 2022.

Thus, in 2021, CGSA served 645 incoming ships and was able to export 4.96 million tons, representing an increase of 4% over 2020 and 9% over 2019.

Similarly, it registered 2.95 million tons of imports, an increase of 3% over 2020. Chief Products That To import Paper, plastic, chemical products, scrap, other inputs, general merchandise and finished and intermediate products Trade And National expenditureAccording to Contecom statistics.

Over the past year, CGSA has presented a 42% total market share, making it one of the country’s major logistics nodes and one of the most important in the world. South Pacific OceanThe company added.

CGSA launches campaign Port From Guayaquil For 20 years from August 1, 2007, i.e. until 2027. But in December 2019, through a change in the agreement, that term was extended to 2046.

Currently, the company runs a Investment planning To increase the capacity of the port. “Contecon will invest USD more than 30 30 million, in addition to the পর্যায়ে 350 million invested in the first phase of this discount, which is considered the most successful. State of Ecuador Has done so in recent years, “CGSA general manager Javier Lancha de Michio said in a statement.


Long-term plan for this Port With its inclusion, the goal is to expand its capabilities to increase its effectiveness TechnologyModernization of cranes, use of sophisticated equipment and application of disruptive methods Dock Engineering To deepen the mooring point. These steps are taken to make the most of the new capacity of the access channel and to allow access to large ships.

By 2046, contributions, revenues and investments will generate more than 7 1.7 billion EcuadorLancha de Mishio added.

Among the most important investment projects Special Economic Development Zone (ZEDE), has the potential to invest more than 500 500 million until the discount is finalized. In this area, companies belonging to the foreign trade chain will be able to supply and ArtTo enjoy a Strategic position And its advantages Tax and tribute exemptions.

Another strategic issue for the security agency, for which the terminal has invested ,000 300,000 in a frozen chamber. Anti-drug inspectionAnd, in April 2021, signed a cooperation agreement with it Government of Ecuador To strengthen surveillance and control work in the port.

This 2022 process begins Acquisition And Implementation Equipment (scanner) for non-intrusive inspection of cargo which will allow lifting Level From SecurityStreamline the port process and improve conditions so that products remain intact throughout its supply chain to its final destination, the company said.


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