The Motherhood It’s a time New experience For new Mom. Diaper changes, compliance with a healthy diet or buying clothes for a newborn are some of the tasks at this stage. And with all this work, friendly exercises can be introduced Environment.

It was such an experience Maria Theresa SebelosWhose first child was born four months ago. Previously, he lived a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle, which included the maximum reduction of single-use products and their replacement by alternatives. Eco-friendly.

For him, time is the most complex thing Pregnancy She was looking for a dress that had a stamp of environmental responsibility for herself and her little one on the road. Faced with this, for example, he decided Transformation Old clothes Cotton Small pieces and also where your going Girl – Tailor To adapt to you Mother In the shape of your growing belly. But find objects like Pacifier Is Eco-friendly baby bottle.

Marcela Venegas, who has already given birth to her second child, has found some limitations in wearing one Motherhood Green in Ecuador. Their first daughter was born in the United States, where four years ago there was already one Ecomaterial movement, But she has had problems with her recent child.

It is already possible to find it in Quito Washable diapers And wooden pots that help feed the little ones. But for Venegas, low-cost bottles based on polythene or polypropylene and made with opaque plastic without bisphenol A (BPA) are missing.

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