New reference price per gallon Super petrol It will be USD 4.66 and will be in force from Tuesday, April 12 to May 11, 2022 It was announced by Ecuador’s energy distribution companies

Although the new price of fuel has not yet been confirmed by official sources, in various communications issued on Monday 11 April Commercial companies It is suggested that the price of Super Petrol till April 12 be USD 4.70.

Company Petrolios A statement said, “Regarding Super Petrol, once we have the current price list for the period from April 12 to May 11, 2022, we recommend to the public the following sale price: $ 4.70”.

Distributor Petróleos y Servicios PyS reported this Dealer Network The proposed sale price to the public will be effective from April 12: Petrol Super 4.66Extra and extra petrol with ethanol USD 2.55 and premium diesel USD 1.90.

Oswaldo IrajoThe executive editor of the National Chamber of Petroleum Derivatives Distributors of Ecuador (CAMDEP) confirmed on his Twitter account that the price Super petrol It will rise 0.68 cents per gallon from Tuesday.

From March 12 to April 11, the reference price of one gallon of Super is USD 3.98.

The quality of this petrol is updated monthly based on international costs of oil, transportation, taxes and more.

Meanwhile, its value Extra, EcoCountry and Diesel It has been frozen since last October. A gallon of this fuel sells for USD 2.55 and USD 1.90, respectively.

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