Seven months after losing one, another was part of his cast The ‘friend’ actor is gone. Mike HagerKnown for playing Mr. Trigger In the symbolic Television seriesDied at the age of 67.

Them Partner This was reported by Cast Bridget Everett in the recent ‘Somebody, Somewhere’. Social media. Until this Saturday, May 7, 2022, the cause of death was unknown.

“It is with a heavy heart that Michael G. Hager’s family announced his death yesterday [jueves 5 de mayo] In Los Angeles, ”Everett shared on Instagram. “A very beloved actor, known for his character, his love for his native Chicago and his love for his family, the foundation of his life. Mike, a devoted husband, is survived by his wife Mary Catherine, his sister Mary Ann Hagarty, his brother-in-law Kathleen O’Rourke and their daughter Meg, “he continued.

In a second post, Everett added that she “loved Mike very much from the moment she met him.” “It simply came to our notice then RidiculousI have never met anyone like that. We Destroyed For his death, “he said.

Although he starred in the HBO series ‘Somebody, Somewhere’ this year, he is best known for his role as Mr. Trigger in the legendary series ‘Friends’.

The chapter starring Mr. Trigger in Friends

Hager played the doorman of the building where Joey, Chandler, Monica and Rachel lived. The fourth season, titled “The One with the Ballroom Dance,” was one of his most well-known chapters. In that episode Joey He had to be taught Dance To prevent it Eviction A Monica Y. Rachel.

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In addition to ‘Friends’ and ‘Somebody, Somewhere’, Hager was also seen on the sitcom ‘The George Carlin Show’ and ‘Lucky Louis’. Character Episodes of other series such as’Boston is legal‘,’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine ‘,’ Cheers ‘,’ITUC: The Vegas‘,’Emergency‘,’ In the ghost ‘, or’ The Goldberg ‘, among others.

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