National Academy of Medicine France Issued a statement Warning a New fashion ” Whose members are very concernedThe benefits of breastfeeding. It was published on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Practice, they say, has grown dramatically around the world. In Australia, for example, Increased 420%. In France, they have also identified a large increase in this surgery, which is called “lingual frenotomy” in medical terms.

They are very concerned about this because, in short, There is no proof of thisI support the belief that breastfeeding is easier when the frenulum is cut. Conversely, they warn, it could be possible Incidents of complexityAlthough rare, such as bleeding, parallel tissue damage, obstruction of the airways, refusal to breastfeed, verbal abuse or infection.

The group from the Academy of Medicine says it is “an aggressive and potentially dangerous gesture for newborns or children.”

Aggressive approach

“In addition to the significant increase in the area of ​​networks that offer breast pain treatments and early breastfeeding through aphrenotomy or worse, to practice it as a preventative measure. The Academy Nationale de Médecine brings together various scientific, medical, surgical and paramedical societies, colleges and professional associations, with interest and The security of this offensive approach and With the risk of side effects They add.

Indeed, a review of the literature provided by the Honorable Coaching collaborationNoting that this approach has not improved Feeding the baby. Although its authors point to the potential for improvement in maternal nipple pain, they warn that the evidence is generally of very low quality and only a few studies analyze the problem.

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