Former Colombian footballer Freddie Rincon He is still in critical condition and has been suffering from a car accident since early April 11, 2022, with a preserved prognosis.

“Rinkon continues to have improved support. His condition is critical. His predictions have not changed for the time being, given the subtle evolution he is presenting. Your forecast is saved And we will continue to implement all the necessary measures to manage your situation. We hope that, as they evolve, they will have to provide additional relevant information, “the health center said in a statement.

He was traveling in a UGR-410 plate truck Freddie Rincon, The legendary Colombian football team was involved in a serious accident when a bus collided with a bus from Mio, a public transport system in the city of Cali at 4:11 a.m. Monday.

This information has been known from the sources of the mobility authority of the capital Caucasus Valley, The truck collided with a bus heading towards the El Pero Park sector.

The car, which had four occupants, collided with a wall against a traffic signal on the road where the accident took place.

The mobility ministry confirmed the matter a few hours after the accident The truck in which Rinkon was a passenger did not respect the red light and was driving at high speed.

Jorge Evan Ospina, Mayor Kali, He pointed out that they were moving in the truck Freddie Rincon, Maria Manuela Patino, 20; Diana Lauren Curtis, 43 years old; And a fourth person for whom there is no information.

For his part, the driver, George Eduardo Moose, 28, who was preparing to start work in the city, was injured in the feeder bus.

Rinkon’s health report

After the accident, Rinkon was transferred Imbanako Clinic, Cali, where they showed the serious condition of the former football player’s health.

At 3pm on Monday, the clinic announced that Rinkon had arrived Severe head injury, So he had to undergo surgery for 2 hours and 45 minutes for the treatment of his head injury.

Upon completion of the surgery, the former player was transferred to the intensive care unit with a reserved and critical prognosis.

“His condition, given its extremely subtle consequences, is extremely complex, and his predictions are kept. We are emphasizing, a complex situation for which we will continue to establish everything necessary. It should be clear that his predictions are still very secure, “said Laurento Quintero, medical chief at the Imbanako Clinic.

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