After leaving recently Alexandra Vela, The Ministry of GovernmentAnd Carlos Gijon, of Government Council, William Lasso He has chosen who will be his Replacement.

The state portfolio, which Vela left behind, will be divided into two ministries: government and home. According to preliminary data, both agencies want to address governance and security issues in the country, respectively.

Francisco Jimenez Will occupy the ministry of government and Patrick Carrillo Will be appointed chairman of the internal portfolio. Both positions will be important for President Lasso.

Francisco Jimenez, Minister of Government

Francisco Jimenez He is a lawyer by profession. Until Tuesday, March 29, 2022, he served as Assembly For the province GuasHe reached a position after the 2021 election Mayor of Guayaquil In the 2019 elections. Member of the National Board of the Creo Movement.

He was a former presidential official Rafael Correa. At that time he was acting deputy secretary Ministry of GovernmentAnd Governor of Guayaquil.

He is specialized That’s right Private International College From Paris. In 1998, he studied specialization at the Institute of Comparative Law, Comparative Law Paris And in 1999 he completed a Diploma in In-Depth Studies (DEA) in Institution and Public Policy at the University of Paris.

In a recent statement to the press, he noted that “there must be a bridge of dialogue between the executive and the assembly.”

Patricio Carrillo, in the Ministry of the Interior

Patrick Carrillo Will perform like new Home Minister. The officer entered The police National for more than 30 years. In 2020, at the time of its order Lenin Moreno Was nominated as Commander General Off The police.

General Carillo Doctor In science Education, With a reference to research and educational planning. He also has a bachelor’s degree Security Citizens, An expert in quality and productivity management with ISO standards; And, there is expertise in public policy design for citizen safety.

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