Disputes over the placement of doors and bars in public spaces still remain between residents of Carcelain Bajo and Mastodentes, two neighborhoods north of Quito.

According to the residents of Carcelain Bajo Seven doors Those that hinder free movement. Although residents in the vicinity of Mastodontes assure that their sector is formed as an urbanization and they do not want to remove them. They maintain that their purpose Insecurity suppression.

Luis Tarapuez, Carcelain Bajo, president of the neighborhood, commented that he and his neighbors had been identified as “criminals” for opposing the establishment of the bar. This problem, he said, is already four years old and the authorities have not given any solution. There are also fenced roads Path Simon Bolivar Avenue and Jamie Roldos.

According to William Rivera, a resident of the Carcelain sector Map of the municipality There is no fence erected four years ago, so they demand that free movement be enabled. Wall 40 m2 and E3 street outlet.

Neighbors in Carcelen Bajo and Mastodontes have crossed the line due to the combination of bars.  Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commerceo
Neighbors in Carcelen Bajo and Mastodontes have crossed the line due to the combination of bars. Photo: Carlos Noriga / EL Commerceo

However Residents of Mastodons Make sure they are an urbanization and so on Set off. Ramiro Bariga, president of Mastodontes Urbanization, assured that this was stated in the plans submitted by the construction company to the municipality when it was hired in 1991. And he added that the routes to connect with them Simon Bolivar Avenue With the neighborhood of Carcelen Bajo.

Guido Bonilla, a resident of the Mastodentes neighborhood, said they were not blocking access, but security measures were in place. Civil security And is controlled by access Personal guardian. He commented that they wanted to maintain a dialogue with the neighbors but the coexistence was negative and there was an exchange of words between the neighbors.

Laura flowers, The zonal administrator of La Delicia, explained to the newspaper that the decision to close the roads was arbitrary and illegal. “It simply came to our notice then Permission To install the door, but the Quito municipality did not give any permission. ”

He said that although the creation ordinance states that it is called urbanization, the constitution indicates that Public transport It is free to use. Those doors have been installed in public spaces. In addition, he reiterated that they are coordinating an operation to request the residents of Mastodentes. Remove this door.


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