Within three weeks, tensions between the executive and the legislature have risen, with some fearing that it is a ‘Cross deathPachakutik, meanwhile, assured that there would be no impediment Research Faced with their own five by conjecture Blackmail.

In the file of the law to attract investment, other elements were added to fight between the two Power The Condition: 268 general pardons in a single package. Approve a reform for Salary increase From Teacher. And the proposal to repeal Tax reform (See box).

“Thief, corrupt, blackmailer.” They are adjectives used by the president William Lasso Against multiple MLA. He further mentioned that Assembly This is taking Ecuadorians to the level of “satisfaction”.

Although Adviser to the President Diego Ordonez and his spokesman, Carlos Giuseppe, have hinted that, for the time being, the cross is not being considered for death, not everyone believes it. It is a constitutional personality that allows Executive Dissolve Per Assembly So that new elections are called for in the siege Politician.

“I believe the president has a strategy for a possible cross-death,” he said Democratic leftWilliam Herrera. “I think agitating, agitated politics is taking society in a very dangerous way that will not come back,” he added.

Despite this scene, Herrera and the block head Five-leggedRafael Lucero, out that they did not break Dialogue Channel With executives, but they maintain that they should be based on the agenda of the law.

May 14, reached an agreement with these blocks Officialism To appoint authorities Assembly. President Guadalupe has called for a reduction in tensions in Guadalupe, while his colleagues in Pacquiao Rosa Serda, Gisela Molina, Celestino Chumpi, Edgar Cuazada and Christian Ukaila called on President Lasso to try. Complaints From Blackmail.

“There is no agreement with President Guillermo Lasso, there never was and there will be, and with that I don’t think it will exist. However, we are not closed to dialogue, “Lucero concluded.

In less than a year, this is the second blow suffered by executives for an emergency economic project, following legislation to create opportunities that were not qualified by CAL in September 2021. Meanwhile, the proposals of the executive council for repeal of communication law and reform of education law are still pending.


March 10th

With 99 in favor, 16 against and 10 absent, Plenary approves 268 general amnesty packages. It happened early in the morning and after a debate which did not last more than half an hour. Beneficiaries included Leonidas Iza and Jaime Vargas, its leaders NoThose who have faced complaints AbductionSabotage and TerrorismDue to its violent protests October 2019; Also Prefect Paola Pabón and Member of the Andean Parliament Virgilio Hernandez, Crismore. The executive has announced that it will present an action Unconstitutionality.

March 24th

With 6 votes from Coreismo, Pachakutik and the Democratic Left Complete Decided to deny and file The law of attraction of investment, Which included public-private partnerships and stock market reforms. For CarandelletHe had an important axis Government plan. However, these parties have assured that this is a privatization project. Despite their distance, only the Social Christian Party (PSC) supported the ruling party’s text. President Lasso has condemned blackmail.

March 13

Reform project Intercultural Education Act The legislature has approved an increase in teachers’ salaries. The proposal was approved by 113 votes in favor of almost all the benches except the ruling party, considering that they were not defined. Source of money. According to the Education Commission, controlled by Pachakutik, the impact for the treasury will be USD 630 million and not more than USD 2,600 million as indicated. Ministry of Finance. In principle, the reform was approved by the Assembly and rejected by the Constitutional Court. Resources.

March 18th

The Legislative Administration Council (CAL) has qualified for processing two projects of organic law which repeals the organic decree law Economic development And financial stability after the epidemic Covid-19. The motion was rejected with five votes in favor and two against after the plenary session rejected the explanatory suggestion. Constitutional Court On the procedure that must be followed for tax law. Proposals to repeal the rule were made by Viviana Veloz from Coreismo and Patricia Sanchez from Pachakutic, Salvador Maita and Salvador Quishop.


The Pachakutik and ID benches assured on March 27, 2022 that the channels of dialogue with the executive were not closed. On May 14, 2021, these blocs reached an agreement with the ruling party to nominate legislative authorities.


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