On Tuesday afternoon, April 26, 2022, the councilors said Louis the Queen, White footwear, Soledad Benitez Y. Paulina Izurieta They approached the state’s general comptroller to file a complaint against Quito mayor Santiago Garderas for his alleged involvement in tax haven companies.

With the documents in hand, Councilman Luis Reina said they had “new proven information” to make it clear that Garders Coppa & Pi Inmobiliaria Company Partner And it is a shareholder of Quevedo Ponce Corporate, the company sued in tax havens.

The councilors spoke to reporters outside Regulator And mentions that on 15 February they requested that Metropolitan Council Form a fact commission to support the investigation process.

This measure is raised to represent the mayor Test And may refute allegations. However, this request did not receive a majority vote and the commission was not formed.

Councilor Md Soledad BenitezThe mayor failed to comply with the biological law on tax havens enacted in 2017, which established that the authorities were going to be Popular topic of choice Tax Heaven doesn’t have your money.

“It should be consistent, as long as there is no clarity about the process, it is logical for the mayor to step down,” he said.

The investigation against Guarderas has been archived

For its part, the Santiago Garderas issued a statement Tuesday morning reporting that the state regulator’s general office has decided to file special tests reserved for alleged seizure of assets and capital in tax havens.

The document indicates that since no intentional evidence was found to indicate that he owned assets or capital in the tax haven at the time of registration of his candidacy, the process has been archived.

According to the regulator’s office, the opinion was issued on April 8 and the notice was delivered to the mayor on April 11.


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