Companies exporting bananas from Ecuador have been criticized by producers before the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. Photo: Pixabay

Four Banana exporting company From Ecuador, the world’s leading exporter of this product, reported by the manufacturers Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Probably not for To pay The The lowest price From Lifting (PMS) Fixed in this fruit box 6.25.

The companies said Exodus, Trinyfresh, The fruit of green life Y. Tropical RepublicWhich is exposed Fine Which multiplies between 25 and 50 times Unpaid amount If seen there a Violation This obligation, as specified by the Ministry in a statement this Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

The Authority It also has the ability to suspend Export In companies approved for 15 days, when the law considers progressive sanctions to the extent that Commercial companies And exporters repeat non-compliance, even reaching out Specific suspension.

The lowest price is 6.25 per Contract box Was established in October 2021 Ministerial level agreement 057 And the Ministry of Agriculture has called on the affected banana growers to raise their grievances.

The Law Establishes that Has raised funds By Prohibition For will be used individually and exclusively Development of art industry From the country

Between 2020 and 2021, the Musasi Strategic Determination Division of the Ministry of Agriculture launched 70 processes. Research For him Not paying the minimum price Box support Banana.

Goal protection Small producer For what Work Inside Terms Plus Fair Y. CompetitiveEcuador’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Bernardo Manzano, for example, emphasized the point.

“Respect for the minimum support price is vital so as not to hurt those who need it most: our small producers,” Manzano noted.

In April, during the Fruit Logistics 2022 Fair held in Berlin, Ecuador’s Ministry of Agriculture led a meeting. Latin American banana grower With European buyers, to whom they insist they live up to their shared obligations and respect Price Of Fruit.

Added to this is the situation that has arisen Russian war in UkraineThe countries to which Ecuador exported bananas in 2021 were about 700 700 million and about 80 80 million.

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