The release of former Vice President George Glass has caused a number of disappointments and multiple reactions across the country. Judge Javier Moscoso, magistrate of the Manglaralto parish, granted the habeas corpus for two reasons: the seriousness of the violence and the state of his health. However, serious jurists feel that this is an inappropriate movement for those who should be imprisoned.

This habeas corpus delivery method needs to be reviewed. It is well known that this is a right, but it must be granted under certain circumstances. In terms of health, there are many prisoners who are in poor condition, including terminal illness and who have no way to get this benefit, which should not be discriminated against.

The second aspect is a matter of competition. Most constitutionalists have confirmed that the former vice-president’s release was not approved by the Monglarato judge, but by the provincial court in Kotopaksi. It is a legal step that raises some doubts about its legitimacy, especially if it is considered that it does not provide any indication of a weight deprivation order on the second president.

On the other hand, there is the participation of the executive, which has announced that it will appeal against the decision of Judge Moscow. Many see this as pressure on the judiciary. It has the right to do so if it thinks it is the responsibility of the national government to take care of the constitution and to enforce the law. You can process it via Snai. But the norm is that the system of governance accepts judicial decisions and, if possible, the steps to be taken in this case are dictated by the legal system.

However, many have expressed outrage at Moscow’s decision in favor of Glass. This is a person who is serving a prison sentence with two final sentences for the crime of corruption, perhaps this is the biggest problem that hinders the progress of the country. But it also helps to increase distrust in the country’s institutions, which are already quite damaged in all orders.

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