Former leaders and founders of Konai believe that repression is not the answer to people’s needs. Photo: Diego Pallero / EL Commerciio

Former leader and founder Confederation Of Indigenous nationality Of Ecuador (Connie), this Saturday, June 25, in a statement they showed their position before the rally called by their leader, Leonidas Isa.

The statement begins by pointing out that “social problems cannot be solved by repression, exceptional state or ‘progressive use of force’.”

They insisted that Raised 10 points “They represent the real problems facing the majority of Ecuador’s population,” he said. The former leaders assured that the conflict would return if these and other problems that plagued Ecuadorians continued.

The statement said, President William Lasso“Dedicated itself to disrespecting organizations, leaders and absolutely no one is responding to the 10 points of the mandate.”

They demand the sympathy of the business chamber and the big media about the difficult situation that people in rural and urban areas are facing.

They argue that these sectors are more uncomfortable with blocked roads or scratch walls in Ecuadorian society than “hunger, inequality and poverty that have deepened”.

The statement also accused the “rich sector” of “moving away from racist rhetoric to violence.” He added that there were lazy mayors who wanted to “build walls” to prevent “Indians” from entering. Quito Y Guayaquil. They claim that the country is “multinational and multicultural” and therefore, the region belongs to all Ecuadorian peoples.

About this Violence There has been a procession with that. They claim, “Pre-pressure has been applied Consolidation As qualified Crime Of It hurts humanity

The statement warned that the government’s promises and proposals for dialogue “were consistently rejected by its actions: violent repression that left six dead, hundreds injured and imprisoned, a new decree proposing the dismissal of government workers and threatening privatization.” To those who protest for their rights. ”

Dr. assured the former leaders No Always looking Peaceful solution And the country’s structural problems are justified.

They condemned the “violent and criminal acts of the national government and the business community” carried out in front of the country and internationally, especially within the framework of the national strike, especially on Friday, June 24, where “attacks and bombings” took place. Delegation Of movement Indigenous.

To be accused William Lasso “A zone of peace attacked at night where men, women, youth and children rest.”

To conclude, they call for dialogue as a way to solve problems. And they reiterate that “the relentless struggle against any system of exploitation that creates injustice and inequality, against racism, exploitation, and to build multinationalism and interculturalism.”

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