Referential image. The former official, who held a high position in the Chinese Communist Party, could request a retrial of his death sentence. Photo: EFE

The Former boss Of the team Communist Of China (CCP) Tong Daochi was sentenced this Thursday, June 2, 2022 The death penalty Suspended for two years for acceptance BriberyThe official media collects the Global Times.

Suspended death sentences in corruption cases are relatively common in China. If they mean that Punished Not the promise of others Crime And if you are behaving well during the period of suspension, your sentence may be commuted Life imprisonment.

According to the newspaper, CCP All property confiscated Tong, who will get one 4 million fine Of Yuan (USD 599,619,560,880 euros).

Tong, born in the province Hunan In 1967, he studied in and between Beijing Canada Before moving to Washington, where he worked World Bank. In November 2016, he was transferred to the Central Province HubeiWhere was Lieutenant GovernorBefore moving to South Hainan Provincial Secretary CCP.

Corruption investigation

Four years later, the CCP’s anti-corruption agencies launched an investigation into “serious corruption” in Tong. Violation Of Law And regulations. ”In 2021 it was Expelled Agency and later Arrested For accepting bribes. After coming to power in 2012, the current general secretary of CCP and Dr. Chinese President Xi JinpingStarted a campaign Anti-corruption Where a number of high-ranking Chinese officials have been convicted of accepting bribes.

The campaign, one of the Shir Star programs, has uncovered significant cases of corruption within the CCP. But some critics have suggested that it could be used The end With Political profession Some of it Rival.

Next autumn will be held in Beijing on XX Communist Party CongressWhere Shi can start a Unpublished third term Among its predecessors in recent decades.

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