He andAssemblyman Rodrigo Colaguazo Was attacked with a Assault weaponsThat is, with a gun Non-lethal Those who use Bullets From Glue.

Police have confirmed the news. The Stroke This Sunday, May 8, 2022 happened in the early sectors GuamaniTo the south Quito.

According to the first report, Former MLA For Country Alliance I was Home Of a Familiar After the Mother’s Day celebrations, Colaguazo returned to his home. Then 2:00.

As seen in the video of a security camera in the sector, before returning to the country, the former Member of Parliament Dr. Stuck A by two persons aboard the ship Motorcycles.

One of the suspects pointed a gun at him. According to initial reports, he got four Effect From Bullets. Transferred to Collaguazo The hospital South of the capital.

After a medical checkup, the doctors released him, thinking he was safe. Currently saves Rest In between Home. According to police, due to the assault weapon Superficial lesions And not fatal.

The Interior Ministry also confirmed the attack. That state portfolio indicated that “the police are taking action.” The goal is to clarify what happened.


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