Police patrol the outer part of the Kotopaksi prison in July 2021. Photo: EL COMERCIO

36 prisoners Kotopoxi gel Those belong to the band called R7 They will be transferred to other prisons in the country to avoid clashes The wolf. This was reported by Sny on the afternoon of Friday, May 20, 2022.

According to a statement, some 25 people deprived of freedom (ppl) “Previously left the pavilion to save their lives on charges of aggression.”

For this reason, the Security and Safety Sub-Directorate, supported by intelligence and investigation reports, has done this. Formalities Relevant to PPL transfers to other prisons.

It was further added that “in the next few hours” d Transfer of 11 more prisoners. There will be a total of 36.

These two criminal organizations, R7 and The WolvesAlready at least 64 dead have been staging that exaggeration.

In April of this year, there was a quarrel between the left parties Twenty people have been killed in Turi prison, In Cuenca. As a result, their leaders were transferred to La Roca prison in Guayaquil.

However, a judge granted a habeas corpus to one of those leaders to be held in CSanto Domingo Prison. This, according to authorities, led to a riot in May that claimed the lives of 44 prisoners.

The transfer of PPL takes place on the same day as the day of arrival George Glass In Kotopaxi prison, Santa Elena’s court annulled a habeas corpus that granted him freedom.


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