Its president said National Court of JusticeEvan Sakuisela announced this Monday, April 11, 2022 that he would ask Constitutional Court (DC) Clarify the criteria On some assets for the sake of legal certainty in the country.

Sakisela indicated that Former Vice President George Glass released Through the habeas corpus, you are concerned and have some questions. In this context, he mentioned that CC is an organization that must answer.

“I am going to make a request to the CC that defines what to do with security and habeas corpus. There are many criteria and conflicts. The country needs legal assurances. Also, to analyze what this has to do with preventive detention, “the magistrate reported in an interview with Telemajonas.

Chief of the National Court Explain that CC has instructions The fact is that “preventive detention is not suspended but with an enforceable sentence.”

He said the case is his Judicial Council investigation And not in the national court. He also questioned the ethics of Glass’s lawyer, Edison Loiser, for not knowing where Glass was working in prison.

The writ of habeas corpus was requested in Santa Elena and not in Cotopaxi, where the glass was held. In the case, the lawyer “understood that he knew,” he said.

That is what the judge of the national court said Talk to all the judges in the countryBut he noted that he was not aware of any warnings about the decision of Santa Elena Manglaralto’s multilateral judge, Diego Moscow, who granted the appeal.

He mentioned that Glasscase Must arrive and be resolved by the Santa Elena Provincial Court, it may withdraw an approval or habeas corpus. In this last case, The former vice president will have to return to prison.

However Executive representatives They did not object to the Moscow resolution at the habeas corpus hearing.

Popular advice for reforming judicial functions

Sakisela called on the government Judicial functions include issues of reform In popular advice.

Proposed to the President William Lasso Which “withdraws its initial proposal for a popular consultation and to reform Ecuador’s judicial functioning.”

Magistrate Raises the existence of the Supreme Court of Justice That it has a special room for disciplinary control.

It also suggests that Judicial function Declare an emergency and allocate resources for the “transparency and efficiency” of the judiciary.

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