Referential image. The second application for the first academic term of 2022 will be from Friday 20th May to Sunday 22nd May, 2022 Photo: Fripik 7

Those who applied for higher education did not receive one Quota In the first stage they will be able to try The second application. It is scheduled for this Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22, 2022 EL COMERCIO spoke with two experts who gave advice on choosing one Race On this new date established by the Secretary of Higher Education (Sensisit)

It is important to work beyond choosing a career Life projectPoints Soledad Anderica. He is an educational psychologist and director of admissions at the Pontificia Universidad Catোলlica del Ecuador (PUCE), Quito headquarters. He noted that boys should identify their qualifications and skills and, on that basis, focus on jobs, not careers. Field of knowledge.

Anderica, for example, points out that if a young man is interested Medicine, You will wonder why. If the answer is that you want to immerse yourself in the hospital environment, he suggests opening up panoramas for other careers related to healthcare such as Nursing, nutrition or physiotherapy. “These are careers that are needed for the development of the country, but boys are not always their first choice.”

It also tells you to think about them Research. “There are some kids who realize during their degree that they don’t like hospital care very much, but their interest is in discovering, creating or researching.” That’s what racing is for Biology, Biomedicine, Bioengineering.

For those who have tried more than once

Anderica mentions that young people should To decide. “If you have applied for a number of events, you have to decide, since you have not been able to keep the quota. Conflict arises when the boy thinks that running is the goal and that he can be happy with it. The Career is not the end

Similarly, experts point out that it is important to know New academic offer And not the focus Traditional race. It suggests, for example, that employability, future requirements, etc. should be considered. “With specialization and postgraduate degree they can continue training in an interdisciplinary way. It’s not that the competition is over. Then you can add Professional personality

Structure Technical and technological Also a good option Vanessa Calvas. He is an educational psychologist at the University’s Center for Educational Evaluation and Innovation UTE. Note that according to the latest reform of the Organic Law of Higher Education (This is it) This career is recognized as the third level.

It must be taken into account, he noted, that they can be done in less time (two or three years). “It allows them to quickly get titles, work, earn money, be productive and contribute to their families. And this is an opportunity for them to continue the process Specialization And they can choose another profession later. “

Which cannot be ignored

Calvas emphasizes that information must be read accurately over time The second application. For example, it refers to data such as date, method, and location College Where a quota is given. “It simply came to our notice then Confusion Thinking that, for example, they applied for Central University in Quito and did not notice that it was in another city. “

It also suggests that its results Vocational guideline test. This is because it is the indicator of the most advanced skills and competencies that the applicant may have Success. “It tells them that they are qualified in any field of knowledge. He talked about his personal skills.

That information the applicants did not have a few years ago and which they now have access to Benchmark score. Expert Calvas maintains that this is very important to consider, as it shows how many points a particular race entered in the last period. For example, he mentioned that if a young man has 700 and he wants to choose a profession that requires 850, he must accept that he will not get the place. So experts advise Don’t apply for the race to try your luck.

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