A person living in Florida (USA) and Director An accused Platform Investment and mining (creation) Cryptocurrency He has been charged with conspiracy Fraud Level The world Priced at USD 62 million, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced this Friday, May 6, 2022.

Luiz Capusi, 44, and Resident In the town of Port St. Lucy, on the southeast coast FloridaHe has been charged with a crime. “Conspiracy To surrender Electronic fraudIts fraud The value Y. Caught From Money“At the level InternationalAccording to a statement from Department From Judgment From America

It has been alleged that Kapusi was misled Investors About him Activities From Investment Y. Mining From Cryptocurrency His company, Mining Capital Coin (MCC), offered Investment Purchases “Mining Packages”.

According to Kapuchi and his associates ComplaintThey are reassuring Investors That will get his company ” Significant gains Using money Extract New Cryptocurrency

But what did Capuchin do, Presumably“The funds were transferred to the wallet (where the virtual currency is stored). Cryptocurrency Under him Control

“Based on deception Cryptocurrency Devalues Financial markets It’s scandalous all over the world Investors And limits Power From legitimate traders Innovation Inside this Emerging spaceDeputy Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr. says Criminal Division Of Department From Judgment.

“Department Commit To follow the meaning, is Physical Is DigitalTo chase Criminal planningKeep this responsible Scammer Y. Protection From InvestorsPolite added.

If convicted in all cases, Kapusi will face one Sentence Up to 45 years Prison.


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