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Five weekly flights to connect Quito with Bogota

Latam Its newly inaugurated Quito-Bogota route, Without scales. There are five weekly frequencies. On Tuesdays and Sundays it takes off at 17:15 Marshall Sucre And leaves from El Dorado Airport At 20:07.

On the other hand, it leaves from Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tabela At 7:00 and from the Colombian capital at 9:37.

According to Monica FistrovicCEO of Latam Airlines Ecuador, expand the connection with the North Latin America It has been one of the great desires The airline Long ago ExtremeAnd it has been possible in different national, local, AirportCollaborators and, above all, Passengers.

“This is a sign that working together allows us to achieve great things. With the arrival of this operation in Colombia, we aspire to be a strategic ally to attract tourism and trade to Ecuador.”

“Latam’s operation between Quito and Bogota is a testament to the airline’s confidence in the potential of the route, which strategically unites the two capitals with very strong historical and cultural ties.

The Places of interest And Business This will be optimized with the new operation. We are working hard not only to restore the connection but also to find new opportunities for international routes. On behalf of Quiport, I wish the airline success in this new operation, “said Kuiport President Ramon Miro.

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