Ecuadorian artist Ferrer asks ‘Who the f *** is Ferrer?’ Released the third album of his career with the title. Photo: Courtesy of Return

Part of five songs ‘Who’s going to return?’ New Album Of Ecuadorian artist It is found in the main Music platform.

It’s new Record work The title was promoted with the release of the third single Face.

A loose question

About the question you asked Album titleThe artist assures that this is a question that seeks to arouse curiosity and excite Interaction With the audience.

“It simply came to our notice then Necessary questions And those who have followed my career can also ask who I am now, ”the artist said of the third album of his career.

That part of the answer is implicit Five songs Appears as that Ferrer 2022 version. In a series of comments on each theme, sharing details about the artist’s origins and creative process Bonus accessories Of albums on digital platforms.

Regarding the secret word in the title, Ferrer explains that it is a Expression That can accommodate idiosyncrasy in every corner Latin America. “In Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela or Argentina there will always be a word that starts with the letter C to match the title.”

A new unit in the air

Face This is the third single to come out of this new album. The song, written by Ferrer and Angel Elizald, says one Romantic history That one kiss revolves around and takes place in its rhythm Urban pop.

The theme has been promoted via a video Fort LauderdaleAs protagonist with Miami, Promotion LLC and actress Laura Salazar.

The video shows a The relationship of affection and complexity Between a man and a woman who accompany and support each other while they deliver packages at home while walking the city streets.

The audiovisual ends with this phraseFind your person“Videos and songs,” Ferrer said The pursuit of happiness Through that person who, even with his flaws, is the perfect company.

A multi-genre album

Contrary to the fusion of stupid urban pop R&B and pop To stop loving you and with its wind Bolero and Bachata I’m telling you that.

Since then, Ferrer has described his new project a Multigen genre albumWhich he tested as his appearance Producer Offer a job characterized by diversity. “Choose to touch it on the way to work or on the street,” he says

The Sonhood In each song, the artist says, he responds to that space and time, both physically and mentally.

The composers include Fabian Farhat, Angel Melizade and Solara. Venezuelan artist Michi Sanj He joined the project as an actor, as well as singing Sean GPS Ferrer.

Preparing for Ferrer’s premiere The last two songs of the album For this year, after which he hopes to meet the Ecuadorian public again on stage.

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