Guangguiltagua Park is located in Batan Alto, north of the capital, and covers an area of ​​571 hectares. Photo: QuitoInforma

If this time Holidays For those of you who have chosen not to leave town, here are five options for traveling with family and want to take advantage of the sunny morning this Saturday, May 21, 2021.

Whether in one Metropolitan Park Or in the nearest rural parish, there is the option of staying in touch with the district Nature, Without making long car trips. The following destinations are not more than 30 minutes away ৷

Be sure to wear adequate clothing such as comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat, a windbreaker for the afternoon, hydration and a cover for garbage collection.


Located seven minutes from the round Half the worldNorth of Quito, Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve This is a great option for those who like to walk.

It is a quiet place that is sunny in the morning and bathed in fog in the afternoon, so it is important to wear warm clothes.

Visitors can enjoy Plants It grows in slopes and valleys. The path leads to the center of the pit, where a community lives. There are restaurants and accommodation.

Landing more than 12 kilometers takes less than 30 minutes, with a curve and a steep slope. To get there, take the Quito-Calacali Highway and turn right through the Caspigasi sector.

It is open from 08:00 to 17:00.

El Chaquinan

The El Chaquin Ecological Route It is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the district. It is considered as one of the largest linear parks in the region with 26.4 hectares of natural route. It is a favorite place for athletes who like it Recreational cycling. It has a walking route for running or sports and is home to endemic and endemic species of the area. There is also a playground and rest area.

Beyond the parishes of the park Cumbayá, Tumbaco and PuemboAnd gives visitors a chance to learn about the rich history of railway tunnels and bridges almost 100 years ago.

This is an easy route because it does not have a very pronounced height or strong slope along the route. The Entrance is free And its term is Monday to Sunday from 06:00 to 18:00. It has been visited by around 8,000 users who like the natural environment.


30 minutes from Quito is a town surrounded by mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Homes are made with Adobe and there are tiles where restaurants work Its common dishes are corn with cheese, beans, chicken broth, fritada, roast meat … one of the most interesting trails. Route to Quind. There you can do sport fishing or walk to Guarapamba Falls. It is recommended to do this between 09:00 and 15:00 to observe the birds

The 30-minute walk is not complicated, and will allow the visitor to see how the hummingbirds feed. Also, you can see Huirachchuros, Blackbird or Sigcha living in this parish. To get there, you must go along Mariscal Sucre Avenue and Mena del Hiero.


This metropolitan park is located Chilogalo Parish And passes through various sectors south of the city, from Magdalena, beyond Mena dos, to Loa. Its area is 310.23 hectares. It is open from 06:00 to 18:00 and receives about 2,700 users daily.

It is ideal for long family walks. These are not complex routes for children or adults to participate. One of the purposes of building a park is to complement the eco route that transcends Pichincha slope. Very close to the main entrance to the park Sanctuary of El CintoA place visited by the community, from where it is possible to cycle to Lloa.

It has a parking lot, a viewpoint, and a separate environmental trail to Cruz Loma and Atacazo in addition to the Chaquinanes and bike paths.

Guangguiltagua Park

It is located High windsNorth of the capital and its area is 561 hectares.

Over 100,000 visitors come over the weekend, who can enjoy trails, viewpoints, tracks, barbecues, camping areas and more. .

Due to its size, the park allows citizens to practice cycling or walking. It has several paths: Quilico 3.3 km long, Woodpecker 8 km long and Sparrow 9 km long. Also, three of its four viewpoints offer a view of the valleys and another makes it easier for visitors to enjoy the bird’s flight.

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