Lawyer Walter Vallejo On Thursday morning, May 5, 2022, he was killed at the door of a hotel in the north Guayaquil.

The Violent death Lawyer, the exception occurred when a state of Guayaquil existed. Despite the government-mandated measure being a week old, homicides are recorded every day.

Guayaquil, Duran and Sambrondon They have a daily violent death rate of 3.5. So far this year, the number of murders has exceeded 450.

This violent death has been reported

  • I was leaving the hotel. Police determined that the gunman attacked him as he was leaving the Valejo Hotel. He had a business meeting with a potential client who needed his professional services.
  • Profile. Vallejo’s name jumped into public opinion when he defended Gerald, accused of drug trafficking in the United States. The perpetrator was referred to by former President Abdala Bukaram, who offered him as a defender to the two Israelis accused of receiving ,000 300,000 from drug sales during the epidemic.
  • Arrested. Ten people involved in the killings were produced on Thursday night. The group, consisting of seven adults and three minors, was captured north of Guayaquil. The five are charged with murder, assault, armed robbery and possession of a weapon.
  • Arsenal. Grenades, projectiles, a feeder and police uniforms were recovered from the detainees. They had three motorcycles and communication devices.
  • Operational. After the killing, police searched the clothing and began searching for the gunman based on his physical characteristics. As a result of his arrest, it was possible to find out the rest of the accused.

# In Ecuador, gangs send envoys to remote areas where basic services are lacking and drug use is a problem. Https://

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