Referential image. The superintendents of banks declare five entities which are not permitted for foreign exchange. Photo: Pixabay

The Superintendent From Bank Ecuador warned the public this Tuesday, May 17, 2022 Five entities That they are not allowed to drive Currency exchange.

Is on the list Cam lexam liqueur, Cashmarket, Cash Market 2, Spin New Millennium Y. Twist New Millennium 2.

For months now, the company has been warning about its presence on social networks Financial group Or organizations that offer Credit Not relying on him Agency approval.

There is something that the bank superintendent is aware of Business And through various organizations Process Managing and marketing products such as email, web pages, flyers etc. Credit Or of Investment A Low interest ratesWithout the need for a guarantee and without agreeing to additional minimum requirements, the organization said in a statement.

From January to May 2022, they were identified 16 unauthorized entities By the superintendents of banks for management:

1.- DIA, Decentralized Investors Association (formerly IX Investors).

2.- Credunion.

3.- Fortune also digital resource Cía. Ltd.

4.- Sapphire-group Sia. Ltda. This company is authorized, but by the superintendence between the company, securities and insurance and the corporate sector.

5.- Click Trade.

6.- Coastal Credit.

7.- UA works.

8.- Rebirth Group.

9.- Finances of Guayaquil.

10.- Bydesign.

11.- Ipanema Supply SA

12.- Cam Lexam Liquor.

13.- Cash market.

14.- Cash Market 2.

15.- New Millennium Turns.

16.- Twist New Millennium 2.

Bank superintendents ask citizens to inform and review themselves Entity list Of System Which are available Under your control And also Institution What? Not allowed. They can enter Link.

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