Half a ton of fishing line can be collected in just three hours on a section of the Plymouth-Data road. Mingara is spread across the coastal sector. Photo: Courtesy of Cabos Collective

The picture was shocking. A Alligator He struggled to free himself from her BondingBut their efforts were in vain. I was trapped Fishing line.

The Rescuer They went to the San Felipe campus, located in the province of Pedro J. Montero Parish Guas. The animal was released with the help of the Environmental Police Unit (UPMA) and after a medical examination, it was released. Mangrove Ecological Reserve in Churu.

This case, which took place in January 2022, is an example of this Risk What does it mean when fishing lines are dropped? What has happened to crocodiles has happened to other species such as turtles and sea lions.

There are many samples Dead tangle For these objects, whose presence is fixed in the coastal sector of Ecuador.

“The Pollution By Fishing activity This is one of the main reasons for affecting the ocean. And in this pollution, some of the elements that cause the most damage to plants and animals are nets and fishing lines ”that are discarded and remain floating, unused.

This was directed by Sergio Moraga, a member Cabos CollectiveAn environmental group that works Crops Y Recycling Of fishing line. Create a project with other groups and with artisan fishermen to raise awareness about the effects of this material.

A crocodile was rescued last January after being trapped in a fishing line in Guayaquil. They left him in the reserve at Churu. Photo: Courtesy of Cabos Collective

A growing project

The team became known on June 8, when it used a fishing line to wrap monkey monuments. Guayaquil. It was an idea that they developed together with other foundations such as the University of Casa Grande and Mingas Por El Mar. Attention About this environmental issue, via the hashtag #NiUnCaboSueltoMás.

During their seven years of work, Mingas Por El Mar members have noticed Increase Of Wire Abandoned fishing boat The beach. According to Cecilia Torres, a member of the foundation, these ropes Death trap For animals like whales, sea lions and turtles.

“Not only that. By being trapped in coral reefs or fragile ecosystems, they break down corals into pieces, the habitat of many animals, microorganisms critical to the balance of this marine ecosystem,” the worker explained.

When these edges are eroded by the sun and time, they become Microplastic Which is eaten by marine animals. “Some of them we eat. That’s why there are already studies that have found microplastics in human blood, ”Torres said.

Tafg ProblematicColectivo Cabos and Mingas por el Mar are implementing one Inclusive round economy model In the country, around the re-evaluation of fishing lines and other harmful substances at sea.

They have already planned a pilot for General Villamile (Pleas), which has been successful. For this reason, work on the area began in July. Only in its area The beach They are hoping to recover five tonnes of fishing lines per month. But the year is expected to end with at least 10 tons per month.

“It simply came to our notice then. If we project it to other coastal cities, the picture is going to be skyrocketing, ”said Sergio Moraga.

According to him Staff, “We utter different social actors, making them the heroes of the process. We work with artisan fishermen, fishing companies and other civilian actors to create a source of recovery. ”

Back Crops The rope, the rescued material is under a The cleaning process And it leads to recyclable plants. Here they turned it Input Which are marketed to local manufacturers for the production of various sustainable products.

With wires you can Art objectsWhat Drawer Y Palette. Also Bricks Y Plastic woodWith which furniture, infrastructure, floors, ceilings, enclosures are made.

This process is involved Cooperative Of Fishermen. These marine workers have begun to change their habits and start recovering fishing lines, as they have already seen that the lines could mean economic income for them.


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