The National Comprehensive Care Service for Disadvantaged Adults and Juvenile Offenders (SNAI) has done a job Registration Its administrative 284 Person Deprived of freedom Fisherman TuriOn Monday, April 11, 2022.

This is the first day The survey was conducted To the inmates of that Pentecostal Center in about six hours. These activities are conducted jointly with it National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC), Civil registration Y. Criminalism National Police.

For this process, r SNAI is involved in inter-institutional cooperation From entities such as the ombudsman’s office, electric companies, real estate, the National Telecommunications Corporation, and the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, the next entity provided meals.

The work of the organization

The INEC Developed Social population survey Information about Terms From LifetimeCultural, social, gender, axis participation TreatmentAmong others.

Inside Civil registration Verified Biometric dataDate, place of birth, marital status and fingerprint code.

The The police Made national Check OfMorphological and linguistic records Through Fingerprints And take Photograph.

The Technician Of SNAI update The Registration Of Prison management system, For which it is used Internal distribution In each Pavilion

Purpose This registry, according to the organization, was guaranteed The right to identity Y. Verification of socio-economic information Y. Legal. As a result, it is expected to provide assistance and improve livability Prison population Of Hub Deprivation of freedom Ajuye No.1. In addition, they have updated social status, judicial status and access information Program From Rehabilitation.

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