For a joke, Jay Balvin will get another arrow, now, by Christian Nodal. Photo: Instagram @jbalvin @nodal

J. Balvin He again took an arrow, this time by the singer Christian Nodal. The origin of the problem lies in some recent comparisons Social communication Given the artists, Mexicans now have short blonde hair, just as Colombians have done for months.

About this, J. Balvin He wanted to join the jokes in a few posts on his Instagram. On the one hand, he took a picture of the Mexican with the caption “Find the difference” and the two faces are smiling and crying. On the other hand, he took publication in a story.

This time it was his turn NodalWho have reacted strongly to its publication Balvin Through their stories. In the first of these he said: “I have the talent, the physicality and I can proudly sing my compositions wherever and whenever. That your picture has been picked by you and uploaded by my press.”

Behind this, Balvin Out via short video. “I always come. I come to the concert in Medellin and I arrive on time for all the concerts, “said the artist.

Colombian was reminding Nodal The scandal involved the Mexican in March after he did not come for his presentation Athanasius GirardotIt was mainly exaggerated by those who went to see it.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Jessica Uribe He finished his presentation on stage and was then shown a video in which Nodal apologized for not arriving in the Antioch capital for his presentation due to flight problems.

This created, as evidenced in several videos, many people damaged chairs and fences, especially in the box area, located on the grass of the stadium. Also, there have been some fights between attendance and logistics staff. That rain fell in everyone Madeleine Between Saturday night, March 26, and Sunday morning, March 27.

After that BalvinBring down a couple of stories toning down the discussion. “I’m joking this afternoon,” he told one of them.

“They compared him to me, they compared me to him যাই whatever the photo. We don’t know if we are beautiful or not, the midwife took it badly. Ah, I don’t know, it’s already his problem. If you are going to get rid of it, let it be romantic and sell it, “Balvin concluded.

Still, Nodal He did not stop and sent other harsh messages against the Colombians.

“This guy didn’t wake up joking, he woke up without taking his pill because it’s not at all consistent that George has a documentary about peace, mental health, but he uploaded a picture on his network, which has millions of followers, so they Can make fun of him. ” From me, where obviously, everyone knows, I’m waking up from a very ugly situation… that I was alive “, he began by pointing. Nodal.

Later, he assures her that he is not good at talking and that is why he will go to her cabin and mention something. BalvinSomething like you Resident with Bijarap.

“I am going to get something for this company, who have not learned. He kicked your ass, resident, you didn’t learn. I think you like it, but you’re not going to like me. “

Finally, the Mexican mentions her Absence in Medellin And reminded him that the plane crash happened. In contrast to the new arrows in the song J. Balvin.

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