FEUE has announced to sit in the universities on 19th May Photo: Capture

The Federation of University Students of Ecuador (FEUE) Plans Seedlings More claims by May 19 Education budget And supported by the National Union of Educators (UNE). This was confirmed on May 17, 2022 by Mauricio Chiluisa, President of the University Union.

The university filed a lawsuit against the union government More budget “For primary, secondary and higher education”. The leader declared that they were “close to the organization Day of consolidation In the protection of public education.

Details will be released in the coming days. For now, they will be held on Thursday, May 19 from 09:00 Seedlings in different universities of the country. For example, in Quito, Quenca, Latakunga. The arrangement began at Guayaquil University on Monday and will continue on Thursday.

Incident with police

There are two Injured young man After the incident between Guayaquil University medical students and members of the national police, the FEUE president assured.

The students have demanded more besides the shortage of teaching staff Education budget And face-to-face classes.

“Got a student Police beatings And another got tear gas directly in his mouth, “he said. This is another factor that has led to a new settlement in Guayaquil.

UNE support

Chiluisa Decided to join Hunger strike That UNE teachers lead the Constitutional Court (CC). This activity started from 3rd May. They demanded a favorable verdict from the CC on pay equalization after the May 12 public hearing.

“It simply came to our notice then Hunger strike Asking CC to resolve pay equality on behalf of teachers. There is money for corruption, but no money for education, “said Chiluisa. He joins two other strikers, members of the FEUE, who have been folded from the start.

Sylvia Quinquella, Vice President of FEUE, approves student support at Kotopaxi Technical University. Together with Chiluisa, he made economic contributions to the striking teachers.

Jocelo Otanez, vice president of the Federation of Universities and Polytechnic Professors of Ecuador (FEPUPE), also expressed his support. Striker. This guild is declared permanent action.

UNE Vice-President Rozana Palacios warned that “the tent of dignity will not be withdrawn until the CC decides in favor of the issue.” Salary equality Teachers now and tomorrow.

Members of the National Union of Educators (UNE) claim that the #Assembly approves reforms to equalize pay. Https://bit.ly/36b3aNc

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