After receiving Fine Of FIFA For Events At the end Match Against ArgentinaThe FEF Take the letter Business. The Creatures Are you planning to start? Action Legal against Amateur That attack The court.

The Ecuador Football Federation One will be in charge To pay The Fine Imposed. The Amount Of Approval Exceed that that was imposed 15,000

Although Creatures Will be responsible for Economic punishmentSince it was Manager Events and is Affiliate Per Conmeable Still FIFAThe Fan Don’t run away Revenge. The latter broke down Ground When playing Match Was there The final Get one Pictures With Lionel Messi.

A. Conversation By telephone with Bendito Football, Nicholas Solins, Director From the department Legal Of FEFSure they would like to run one Process. The Federation Is Believers What’s left ‘Isolate This type of root Work.

“(6) We will use everything Measurement Y. Legal action That they are in us OpportunityIn both cases Citizens What? Punishment (…) “he mentioned Solins. The Foundation This is it Violation Rules in situations Sports Which later became Prohibition.

According to OfficialThere will be action Loss Y. Loss Per FEF, Because what caused the evil Behavior Of Amateur. The Prohibition That can be of a nature that is ruled Economic And even became Prohibition From Entry Under the circumstances

The Purpose Of Decision Of Federation It’s not just a looking one Compensation From FineBut the neighborhood Previous. With this, it is expected that Person To come Stadium Be careful and Aware That they cannot do these things Work.

Solins Also maintains that Details A treatment is being done around the subject Internal And from different Front. In turn, he said in a timely manner Moment Let them know.

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