Fasto Kobo went to the Constitutional Guarantee Commission. Photo: Assembly

Fausto Kobo, director of the Center for Strategic Intelligence, and Mario Ruiz, a self-proclaimed rebel assemblyman from Pachakutik, clashed in the legislature. This happened on Monday, June 27, 2022 at the Constitutional Guarantee Commission of Parliament.

The government official abruptly left the session, which he maintained Excitement With the assembly members of Pachakutik and correism Those who control this legislation table.

Ruiz gets up from his seat Condemned Information about the alleged links to “that” with the assurance to go to the Commission “with their old theory”Gevarist movementTo the Indigenous Protests of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (No) Saved.

“Come on, let’s see, you don’t come here to disrespect me,” Kobo responded, when Ruiz intervened via video conference.

“I want respect. I’m running a meeting. I am conducting the session ”, claimed the chairman of the commission, Fernando Cabascango, from Ruiz’s group. Kobo, who was a former military officer, got up with some papers in hand and walked out of the house. “I have already given my argument. I’m leaving, ”he concluded.

The official explained that the classification and Classify There is this kind of information Legitimate way The process must be fulfilled by all, so far as has been said Save Can’t give any information about this, the assembly said.

Kobo justified his decision Constitution And the law, which indicates Classification Of Information What Saved Y The most secretDeadline and approval for Lifting Of this character.

In addition, he mentioned that every three months he goes to the Security Commission to give his account ManagementReservedly in this framework, he said that he would not answer any question of the Members of Parliament, as he accepted what was prescribed by the Constitution and the law.

Cabascango, Ruiz, Correista Assembly members Fernanda Astudillo (Unión por la Esperanza, Unes) and Jhonny Tapia (Unes), stressed to the official about the power of the assembly members to request information and start the process of supervision and political control.

They specify that information classified as confidential, protected, confidential and top secret must be provided under the reserve that is reserved by law; However, Kobo left the session.

Possible action

Ruiz warned that the reason for Kobo’s behavior Impeachment. The process is justified by paragraph 78 Biological law of legislative function In the case of political trials of national secretaries, sectoral ministers, coordinating ministries and other officials, there are conditions that they use the stewardship function of public policy.

Koresta MLA Paula Cabezas (UNES) noted that although Cobo’s position is reprehensible, as it has limitations in law, when it comes to state security issues, Reserved session. He regrets that an official who handles such sensitive and important information for the country is not subject to impeachment. “Let’s follow the rules and see what we can do,” he said.

The head of the commission, Fernando Cabasco, said that Home SecretaryThe Boss Of the Joint Command Armed forces And Treasury The state general did not attend the session despite being summoned for the third time.

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