Murillo justified that the case was heard in a reconstituted session with a quorum of three members. Photo: The Trade

The President (CJ) in charge of the Judicial Council, Fasto Murillo Fiero, This Friday, May 20, 2022 assured that the stay order of the head of the National Court of Justice (CNJ) is valid. He questioned the support of provincial court presidents Evan Sakisela.

“No one is above the law, we are all responsible for our actions and mistakes. That’s what happened, “Murillo told a news conference.

He said preventive measures had been taken to sack CNJ president Ivan Sakisela for “grave violations” over allegations of public negligence in delaying the extradition process of former president Rafael Correa. “Absolute legitimacy and transparency”.

Supports the decision on two grounds Charges have been filed against Sakisela May 18 and 19, respectively. One of them argued that the final sentence against Korea was brought to the attention of the CNJ president on August 11, 2021, but Sakisela issued an order for the extradition process on April 22, 2022.

Before questioning the CNJ for a resolution that had two votes in the plenary, Murillo justified that the case was known in a reconstituted session with a quorum of three members. With five members, three had a majority and two supported Approve Sakisela.

He argued that the same thing had happened in the case of Erica Moriel, a judge in Mangalore Alto, for which Sakisela had requested a stay order to take a habeas corpus from a Dutch citizen with a extradition order.

“In this case, we act immediately. I would like to mention that Judiciary He doesn’t look at people, he sees the behavior of the server. That is why our authority is administrative and disciplinary, “added the head of the Judicial Council.

According to the judiciary, there is respect for freedom and neutrality. Murillo explains that independence is not a privilege or privilege for judges, but a guarantee for citizens. Therefore, the organization is awaiting an earlier judicial announcement from CNJ.

Case procedure

Vowels Juan Jose died He indicated that the announcement would allow the judiciary to proceed with the proper process of the case and would define “if Sakisela has established innocence or liability”.

If it is determined that the cost of the NCJ president is a Very serious crime Will be dismissed for public negligence. It is established in Article 109, No. 7 of the Biological Code of Judicial Procedure.

For Morillo, CNJ tries to confuse citizens about political events. He denied that the judiciary would be instructed to give a “message of justice.”

He said he was concerned about the position of the presidents of the provincial courts of justice. “They came to Quito for a course, not to issue a press conference in support of (Sakisela.) That they dedicate themselves to administering justice, not to comment on political issues,” he concluded.

# Attention | National Court President Ivan Sakuisela has been suspended by the Judiciary Council Plenary »

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