It is Star Wars Day, Fans will celebrate one of the most popular stories with a face-to-face event in 2022 The date is celebrated across the country International May 4 of each year.

‘Stay with you on the 4th’ Name of the event organized by Star Wars Day 501st Legion Ecuador, 2112 Squad, Rebel Legion Ecuador, Death Watch Clan and Star wars Quito Fan Club. These teams bring together fans of the story from all corners of Ecuador.

Due to the ban by ExtremeThis celebration in the last two years Star Wars Day It was practically done. Carlos Ordonez, a representative of Star Wars Fan Club Quito, says that in 2022, Star Wars Day activities will return. Face-to-face modality.

Wednesday, May 4, a Presentation From Suite. Fans of ‘Star Wars’ will wear that outfit again Rebel armyThe Galactic Empire And the main character of the story.

The public will be able to appreciate this presentation and Take pictures Starting with your favorite character at 7:30 on Wednesday, May 4, at Plaza de las America, North Quito.

Celebration Star Wars Day Will run in the same location from 11:00 on Saturday 7 May. The program includes a series Conversation Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! There will also be representatives from Legion 501, Rebel Legion and the Mandalarian Mares Group, who will introduce the culture of Star Wars to the public.

There will be a day Collectible display Related to the franchise. There will be games, competitions and trivia along with prizes for the winners.

A day to celebrate science fiction

The May 4th Star Wars Day is celebrated every year as a tribute to the franchise George Lucas.

In 1977, the American director released the film ‘Star Wars: Episode IV’. It is the first production in a series of nine films that combine the three Film trilogy.

The production follows the story of a group of characters who a Fictional galaxy And the conflict between the light and the dark side.

May 4th was born to you Pseudo A British newspaper used for advertising Margaret Thatcher As President of the United Kingdom in 1979.

The phrase used in the newspaper refers to the famous phrase ‘Stay with me’ (‘Force Be With You’) is used regularly in movies.

In 2011, the movie was a chain in Canada Taking advantage of that coincidence, he organized an event Thematic events. Since then, fans of the franchise have adopted 4Make as Star Wars Day.

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