Hundreds Crowds of fans Hoping to see this Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at the hotel where the Argentine team is Leo Messi.

The vast majority wanted one Pictures, but there were those who were aspiring for an autograph from the player“We came from the place yesterday (Monday),” commented Carlos Trujillo, who brought his 12-year-old son.

He hints that the player is a minor idol, so No effort The power of a souvenir of Argentina 10 is valid.

On one side of the hotel The police were on guardWhich uses fences to prevent the movement of people and vehicles.

However, the main entrance to the residence was free, so it was used by fans to spy inside.

A hotel source mentioned that the staff is professional, so they respect the privacy of the guests

He thinks they are staying at the hotel World famous artists and athletesWithout any news or leaks from the hotel staff.

Vendors of T-shirts, flags and bugles have taken advantage of the hustle and bustle to deliver their products. Sales were good, but not as much as Carmen Rosario, who came from RioBamba to offer his products.

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