Worried Fanesca tub Distributed in a sector south of Guayaquil under the management of the mayor Cynthia Viteri. Manuel SamaniegoFormer councilor and mayor’s office adviser Traditional dishes From Holy Week Guerrero Valenzuela and G-Street resident, Letmandy Parish.

About twenty tables were set up in the street to taste the soup. Samaniego expressed activity on his social network, thanks Mayor. When network users ask him if they are looking Vote In exchange for food, a Pre-election year.

Fanescar delivery was last Thursday, April 14, 2022. But Former Councilman Breakfast was also distributed to 700 children and adults Saturday of glory, 16 April. Delivery was made to both 19th Street and Chambers Alley, as well SouthwestLike the Casas Viejas sector, at 22 km Way to the coast.

“Love and devotion are preached with action,” said Samanigo, who also thanked Viteri for breakfast. The former councilor has been organizing activities in different sectors of the city.

In fact, in the parish Letmandy 210 was delivered a week ago Free gas cylinder refill To the villagers. And this Sunday, April 17, he announced the free distribution of 200 more gas cylinder refills to residents in the southwest of the city. “Thank you. Personal management Of Youth Network“The future of Guayaquil.

Thousands of kits have been distributed

Officially, only in April, the municipality of Guayaquil delivered food kits to sectors such as Mapasingu East and Sauce 3, north of the city.

On April 14, Cabildo said in a statement that it had distributed 6,000 food kits in 10 blocks of Paraiso de la Flora, north of the city.

Part of the distribution program Feed your family With which Viteri “wants to reduce Malnutrition Of the family Popular sectorThe mayor himself participates in the tour delivery in an off-road vehicle, as is traditional from the beginning. Covid-19 worldwide.

A pre-election year

Next February 5, 2023 In Ecuador the popular election authority will be elected for the prefecture and the country’s mayors. However, newcomers will also be selected CouncilorIts members Parish Council And members Citizen Participation Council.

Mayor Viteri has expressed a desire Run for re-electionFor a The second periodBut it depends on the people and his party, PSC. He imposed such scandals Bought land in Daula by her ex-husband Which for political gain presumably seeks to tarnish his image Divisional elections of 2023.


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