The Madrid man could only drive nine laps before enjoying the spin at the age of 14, where Alonso set the fifth fastest time of the afternoon.

Sainz's SF-75, opposite the walls of Turn 14 in Miami.
Sainz’s SF-75, opposite the walls of Turn 14 in Miami.AFP

The premiere at Miami International Autodrome was lucky Carlos Sange, Which still can’t find the sensation behind Ferrari’s wheels. Following his recent retirement from Emola and Melbourne, the Madrid rider suffered an accident during his second free session on Friday, which limited his learning process to just nine laps. For the most part, George Russell Confirms Mercedes Improvement by Setting the Best Time (1: 29.938), Max Verstapen Facing a hydraulic failure Fernando Alonso He finished 43rd fifth from the lead.

The 14-year-old’s spin, which he used to destroy the left side of his car, was a serious step backwards for the team leading the way. Matia Binotto. Like any urban track, confidence is essential for the rider. And more than that, he made his debut in the World Cup this year. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened,” the Madrid man hung up on the radio. Then there was his best time (1: 30.964), quite comfortable in medium tires, but the loss of his concentration was fatal. After the relevant red flag, Sainz could not add another kilometer in the remaining 43 minutes.

Earlier in the morning, former Renault and Toro Rosso drivers had another scare while testing soft tires. The track exit and the stabbing, however, did not prevent him from returning to the garage Charles Leclerc Proven speed of SF-75 with best time (1: 31.098). Just minutes ago, Ferrari received approval from the FIA ​​after its recent and controversial test in Emola. According to some rivals, the Italian team will only test different flat bottoms within a few days dedicated to the tires of the next World Cup.

“I can’t turn around”

Among those affected by the alleged irregularities was the Red Bull, which could not be more satisfied with what happened in Miami this Friday. The RB18, which had already suffered several setbacks in the morning session, had to urgently return to the holes due to a problem that left Verstapen without direction. “I can’t turn around,” admitted the current world champion, who could even cause an accident with Alonso. In addition, the fire on the right rear wheel left a very bad face Christian HornerHead of Austrian Square.

Some of the better things in a Mercedes are rolled things, including the ability to recover from that Pour That was so much weight down Lewis Hamilton. Again, despite being behind his teammates, Stevenage’s driver was able to climb at least fourth, just ahead of Alonso. Lacking to know the real performance of Alpine in the long run, the goal of the Asturians will be to fight for points again.

Of course, at asphalt temperatures above 30C nothing will be easier, where Voltaire Botas (Alfa Romeo) Security failed to evade in time. To not break the norm, Nicholas Latifi Many spotlights of his remorse are exclusive. A strange break on Williams started the final red flag on Friday.

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