The former president of Formula 1 has assured that Russia is doing the “right thing” in Ukraine.

Eclestone, in 2018.
Eclestone, in 2018.The world
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Its former president Formula 1 Barney Ecclestone He has demanded “take a bullet” for the Russian president Vladimir PutinWhom he described as “intelligent” and “First class“He is doing what he believes is right for his country and he is more responsible for what is happening to the President of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky

“I still want to take a bullet for him. I would rather not hit him with it, but if he does, he will still take a bullet because he is a first-class person. What he is doing is something he believed was right for Russia.” Things. ” Manager, off 91 yearsOn a British TV show ‘Good morning Britain‘S ITV.

Ecclestone says that in the war Dr. Ukraine It was not “intentional” and criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. So, when asked if Putin should have done more to prevent this war, not through a change of pace, he was clear: “Absolutely

“If (Zelensky) had thought about things, he would have made a great effort to talk to Mr. Putin, who is a prudent man and who would listen to him and probably do something about it,” commented Ecclestone, who insisted that he was president of Ukraine. “Comedian“Before the war and” he seems to want to continue that profession. “

Also, the British acknowledged that “UnfortunatelyHe spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.It was not intentional

If you want to know about the removal Russian Grand Prix Of the calendar Formula 1 And with regard to the ban on Russian pilots, Ecclestone said he was not sure he had resisted. “I certainly won’t do it nowAnd I think it’s a mistake to keep Russian athletes, obviously drivers, out of the game. “

“Nelson Piquette will never say bad things”

The British took the opportunity to mention the racist language allegations of the former Brazilian pilot Nelson Pickett About Lewis HamiltonWho called “BraveDuring an interview last year, the triple world champion had already apologized and insisted that he had “never” intended to “offend”, blaming it for the misinterpretation of the word used.

Pickett will never come out and say something bad.. Which probably happened, knowing Nelson as much as I did, since his daughter was Nelson’s girlfriend. Max Verstapen, After seeing the accident he probably then exploded and somehow carried it forward. I was devastated by the accident, thought it was wrong and it was Lewis’s fault, but anyway, I probably thought it was and I would explode because of it. “

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