“Theoretically, F1 is indestructible, except for us, which eventually crumbles,” Asturian said after his incident with Schumacher.

Alonso, including the A522, on Sunday Emola.
Alonso, including the A522, on Sunday Emola.ALPINE F1

The frustration in the alpine was evident in Emola even two hours after the checkered flag. For the first time in this World Cup, the French team left with a double zero and in the face of the staff Laurent Rossi Y. Alan PermanThey fluctuate between disbelief and sorrow. Its foot Paddock, Fernando Alonso With a similar feeling, came from joining the press. “Things in the movie happen to us. Theoretically, F1 cars are indestructible, except for us, which eventually crumbles,” Spaniard said, adding that the incident forced him to give up.

Before the touch Mike Schumacher In the first round, he knocked out Alpine, a repetition of what had happened in Bahrain a month earlier. So, from a pontoon of A522 Stephen Oakon It detaches straight to the middle and exposes the side of the car. Fear of that rupture could have been resolved in the pit, but in Emola, Alonso had to leave almost immediately.

“Once again our luck was very bad because of external factors. That mick tilted and touched or caressed us, because it wasn’t even a big hit … it destroyed our whole car,” the two-time world champion then admitted. Retirement. Same number in the whole 2021 World Cup.

“Lots of areas to improve”

The two scratched points in Bahrain represent a very bad luggage for Alonso and a reason for serious repercussions for his team, which continues without specifying the promised move. “It was a frustrating weekend. We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again this year,” Rossi said. “We have a lot of areas to improve and if we want to achieve our ambitious goals we need to eliminate the flaws as soon as possible,” the French engineer added.

And that’s because with Alonso’s misfortune we had to add Oakon’s mediocre results, twelfth in the finish line after 45 slipstream laps. Lance Stroll. “We lacked rhythm,” the Frenchman revealed, adding that there was also a five-second penalty after the dangerous return. Pete Alley Which could lead to an ugly clash with Lewis Hamilton.

“Even without authorization we wouldn’t be able to reach the point zone,” explained Oakon, who will meet with his mechanics tonight to assess what happened. However, his 20 points in the World Cup is less than four Voltaire Botas With Alfa Romeo, they don’t serve to get too many books.

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