The Belgian was surprised to go 30km with an acceleration, where the Spanish veteran finished seventh. Great race for the month, Verona and Lander

Evenpoel celebrates the victory in Clay
Evenpoel is celebrating the victory over the Liz Classic.And. HoseletEFE

Recitation of the heir Eddie Marquez In the classic Dean. Remco EvenpoelThe gorgeous 22-year-old Belgian runner has asserted his class and strength in the fourth Liege-Bastoa-Liege. Monument Season, which is an appointment Alexander Valvarde, In his farewell you have failed the challenge of surpassing the record of seven successes of the best cyclist of all time. The Spaniard finished seventh on a busy day for the Belgians, since Harmans Y. Van Art They have occupied three other positions of honor.

Evenpoel won the big to go 30km with a brutal attack. One technique that surprised the experts in this race was usually solved in a sprint with a small team of runners. A forged victory in a break to Liz is reserved only for the great riders, with this guy who is always on the lookout. Extraordinary condition. The lower section praised his show and many quickly listed him with the new Merckx. Big talk.

This Sunday’s victory repaid the sacrifices of recent months and frightened the ghosts that appeared after the incident. The Giro d’Italia collapsed dramatically 2020’s. He has no doubt. This year it has added victory to the Algarve and Valencian communities. The second classic, after an amazing debut in San Sebastian in 2019.

Its absence Tadej Pogakar -He stayed in Slovenia with his girlfriend because of family problems- and Matthew van der Powell Gaining energy to participate in the Giro d’Italia, which starts on May 6, has boosted Belgium’s options in a tough test.

The race without rest within 257 kilometers soon broke into several pieces, the main role of which was for the second tier people, e.g. Orselin, Dubey, Wirtgen, Armor, Moniket Y. Damage vanhookWhich has been earning more than two minutes. Carlos Rodrগেguez Y. Omar Freer They retreat before reaching the equator. With 60 kilometers to go, when the main group was commanded by Bahrain Michael LandaThe pressure took a toll on Valverde and a huge crash that involved some favorites, such as the test Alaphilip, Bardet, Pitcher, Valence Is Calderman. New misfortune for the world champion, as happened in Strad Bianche. This Sunday he fell into a ditch from the road and pushed a tree. Bardet got up and helped his countryman. Valvarde, who is behind the team, miraculously survived. The Dwayne He has no sympathy for anyone.

Landa was the most wounded, the group was selected through three attacks. They answered Charles Verona Y. Mark Solar. Good performance by Spanish. Basque sets the pace for his teammates Tunes Y. Mohrik And reduced the income of fugitives. Remco Evenpoel, In the La Redoute area, joined the party and went 30 kilometers to reveal one of the brightest attacks that characterized him. The Belgians left the rest of the favorites without oxygen and soon took a half-minute lead. A rush that has ended the hopes of the fugitives. At the stage of La Roche Aux Faucons, he broke away from the Armirail company and fell alone at the head of the race. A special privileged position that lasted until the last line of the lease. Happy for quick action after Alaphilip’s misfortune.

The Belgians endured the pursuit of enemies who never offered harmonious pursuits. Tunes and Vlasav They jump, without a spark Enrique Moore As the nice square of Valverde. Murcian was just leading, saving himself for a sprint where he stopped and had to settle for seventh place. Frustration for not crossing Merckx’s seven podiums. Valvarde was the first in 2006, 2008, 2015 and 2017. He finished second in 2007 and 2014. And third in 2013. Marquez first in 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1975, second in 1977 and third in 1970.

Evenpowel is the fourth winner of the 2022 Monuments League. Slovenian Matej Mohrik wins Milan-San Remo, Van der Poel wins Tour of Flanders and Dutch Dylan Van Barley Was imposed on the Purse-Rubyx. Lombarda will close the repquer in the fall.

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